Beauty and the Beast (2023)

Beauty and the Beast
June 2023
Catholic High School

Tale as old as time... Step into the enchanted world of Broadway's classic, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, an international sensation that has been produced in 37 countries worldwide. Based on the Academy Award-winning cartoon masterpiece.


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Kevin Smathers Director
Dr. Angela Batey Music Director
Gayle Greene Choreographer
Tami Newsom Primary Accompanist
Logan Williams Stage manager
Jessica Magers-Rankin Creative team


Actor Role
Roxanne Cabrera-Blaine Belle (Orange cast)
Kathryn Mulcahy Belle (White cast)
Matt Huckaba Beast
Jackson Ahern Gaston (Orange cast)
Nicholas Johnson Gaston (White cast)
Tim Pope LeFou (Orange cast)
Peyton Bennett LeFou (White cast)
Doug James Cogsworth
Conner Goins Lumiere
Kara Van Veghel Mrs. Potts
Evan Skalet Chip
Logan Williams Mme de la Grande Bouche (Orange cast)
Rachel Owens Mme de la Grande Bouche (White cast)
Olivia Squires Babette
Gary Rowcliffe Maurice (Orange cast)
Kevin Smathers Maurice (White cast)
Gabby Marie Enchantress
Gayle Greene Narrator
Tyler Owens Monsieur D’Arque (Orange cast)
Michael Hines Monsieur D’Arque (White cast)
Zach Mitchell Young Prince
Abby Bennett Les Filles de la Ville
Bria Hacker Les Filles de la Ville
Danimarie Tower Les Filles de la Ville
Jackson Ahern Ensemble
Roxanne Cabrera-Blaine Ensemble
Abby Bennett Ensemble
Peyton Bennett Ensemble
Hannah Campbell Ensemble
Michelle Castleberry Ensemble
Allison Dobias Ensemble
Courtney Gardner Ensemble
Arnashia Gray Ensemble
Bria Hacker Ensemble
Danny Hacker Ensemble
Sam Hacker Ensemble
Mary Ellen Haig Ensemble
Nina Hethmon Ensemble
Michael Hines Ensemble
Nicholas Johnson Ensemble
Winnie Jones Ensemble
Barbara Kistler-Martin Ensemble
Matt Lyscas Ensemble
Mikayla Maldonado Ensemble
Blaine Marie Ensemble
Gabby Marie Ensemble
LisaKay Matchen Ensemble
Zach Mitchell Ensemble
Kathryn Mulcahy Ensemble
Eliza Noell Ensemble
Rachel Owens Ensemble
Tyler Owens Ensemble
Tim Pope Ensemble
Millie Rochelle Ensemble
London Sharay Ensemble
Jarrod Rothstein Ensemble
Gary Rowcliffe Ensemble
Zoe Stiles Ensemble
Emi Tippens Ensemble
Danimarie Tower Ensemble
Jazmyn Washington Ensemble
Waverly Watkins Ensemble
Logan Williams Ensemble
Shelby Wright Ensemble

Production support

Matt Cogburn Lighting/Sound designer
Hunter Deacon Percussionist
Eli Henry Percussionist
Daniel Shifflett Bass
Jocy Howard Stage crew
Abigail Bailey Stage crew
Susan Davis Stage crew
Wendy Hopper Stage crew
Nancy Pevey Stage crew