Girl Crazy (2011)

Girl Crazy
June 2011
Carousel Theatre


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Dr. Angela Batey Music Director
Edmund Bolt Staged and Directed
Amy McKinney Choreographer
Tami Newsom Primary Accompanist
Brittany Rinehart Choreographer


Actor Role
Cody Boling Lead, the Foursome
Susan Bolt Kate Fothergill
Alex Boris Dudeen
Casey Cleveland Dudeen
Brandon Gibson Bass, the Foursome
Adara Towler Hosmer Patsy West
Diane Keefe Dudeen
Phillip Marlowe Danny Churchill
James McGuire The Foursome
James McGuire Jake Howell
Adam Moreno Cowboy
Stacey Murray Dudeen
Tyler Padgett Cowboy
Ron Pevey Lank Sanders
Allie Rinehart Dudeen
Kaylee Rinehart Dudeen
George Rouvelas Seargent of Police
George Rouvelas Eagle Rock
Jordan Sera Hotel Proprietor
Kevin Smathers Gieber Goldfarb
Katie Treece Flora
Mike Watkins Slick
Denise WIlliams Molly Gray
Amber Rose Wilson Dudeen
Rick Wilson Sam Mason
Gracie Woodson Tess Parker

Production support

Erika Baldonado Publicity
Edmund Bolt Set & Props
Laura Bolt Set & Props
Matt Cogburn Lighting Designer and Operator
Hunter Deacon Percussionist
Sandra Herrera Wigs
Carol Idol Set & Props
Melony Dodson Accompanist
Tyler Padgett Featured Dancer
Amanda Roberts Set & Props
Daniel Shifflett Bass
Denise Williams Set & Props
Denise WIlliams Costume Coordinator