Pirates of Penzance (2016)

Pirates of Penzance
June 2016
Carousel Theatre

To describe Pirates as a romp is surely no exaggeration. Its representation of naivete, romance, and sentiment-all mixed with wit and sophisticated verbal by play-leaves the audience and performers alike with a giddy sense of joy that is timeless. I'm sure that Pirates of Penzance will remain a staple of the G&S canon for as long as these classic operettas continue to enthrall the child in all of us!


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Dr. Angela Batey Music Director
Cody Boling Assistant Stage Director
Edmund Bolt Staged and Directed
Bailey Hueser Choreographer
Tami Newsom Primary Accompanist


Actor Role
Chris Alleman Ensemble
Ben Archer Ensemble
Cody Boling Major-General Stanley
Susan Bolt Ruth
William Bolt Ensemble
Hannah Brown Mabel
Paul Bryson Ensemble
Madison Byrd Ensemble
A.C. Cabrera Ensemble
Roxanne Cabrera-Blaine Edith
Maurice Chunn Ensemble
Ryan Colbert Ensemble
Paul Davis Ensemble
Breyon Ewing Sergeant of Police
Jack Francis Frederic
Ashton Gallagher Ensemble
Elizabeth Geist Ensemble
Michael Hines Ensemble
Matt Huckaba Samuel
Bailey Hueser Ensemble
Zoee Lyle Ensemble
Arthur McAfee Ensemble
Terrance McBride Ensemble
Rachel Metzger Ensemble
Tyler Padgett The Pirate King
Lee Pinkston Ensemble
Nicholas Pitarro Ensemble
Jordan Sera Ensemble
Kate Smith Kate
Tori Beth Sullivan Ensemble
Emily Weaver Isabel

Production support

Roxanne Cabrera-Blaine Assistant Music Director
Erika Baldonado Publicity
Erika Baldonado Box Office
Laura Bolt Box Office
Matt Cogburn Lighting Designer and Operator
Susan Davis Stage Manager
Nancy Pevey Stage Manager
Daniel Shifflett Bassist
Kevin Smathers Costume Coordinator