South Pacific (2013)

South Pacific
June 2013
Carousel Theatre

Set against the dramatic background of an idyllic South Pacific island during WWII, Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific intertwines the themes of romance, duty, and prejudice to create a story that is all at once hilarious, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking. Based on the anecdotes of a real-life U.S. Navy commander who was stationed on an island, the musical follows two intercultural love stories: Nellie, a spunky nurse from Arkansas, falls in love with Emile, a French plantation owner on the island who has two children from his late Polynesian wife; at the same time, U.S. Lieutenant Cable falls for a beautiful island native named Liat. Both Americans find themselves struggling to reconcile their own cultural prejudices with their amorous feelings, all the while under the dark cloud of a war that is coming ever closer to their island paradise.
There is Nothing Like a Dame (video clip)


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Dr. Angela Batey Music Director
Edmund Bolt Staged and Directed
Tami Newsom Primary Accompanist
Amanda Roberts Choreographer


Actor Role
Erika Baldonado Liat
Trenton Berry Cpl. Hamilton Steeves, USMC
Susan Bolt Bloody Mary
Gloria Borum Ensign Sue Yaeger
William Brimer Lt. Joseph Cable
A.C. Cabrera Richard West, seabee
Roxanne Cabrera-Blaine Ensign Janet MacGregor
Erin Carter Ensign Dinah Murphy
Cody Galyon Professor
Mariana Garciagodoy Ensign Maria Lynne
Michael Hines Yeoman Herbert Quale
Matt Huckaba Sgt. Kenneth Johnson, USMC
Kayne Johnson Tom O'Brien, sailor
Diane Keefe Ensign Pamela Whitmore
Cara Kitchens Lead Nurse Lt. Genevieve Marshall
Nathaniel Allen Korniyenko Jerome
Madeline Mancebo Ensign Bessie Noonan
John Maples Emile de Becque
Phillip Marlowe Morton Wise, seabee
Laura McFee-Adams Ensign Cora MacRae
Tyler Padgett Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey
Matt Parks Lt. Buzz Adams
Michael Hines Shore Patrolman
John Pevey Sailor
Nancy Pevey Ensign Pearl Randle
Ron Pevey Capt. George Bracket
Kris Phillips Henry
David Raulston Cmdr. William Harbison
Andrew Reddick James Hayes, sailor
Jim Richardson Luther Billis
Marissa Stiles Ensign Marta Smith
Deanna Surber Ensign Nellie Forbush
Jimmy Tucker Stewpot
Robyn VanLeigh Ensign Connie Walewska
Kimmie Wise Ngana
Dzmitry Yuran Staff Sgt. Thomas Hassinger, USMC

Production support

Erika Baldonado Publicity
Sandra Herrera Wigs
Carol Idol Set and Properties
John Maples Set and Properties
Phillip Marlowe Publicity
Sarah Pevey Miracle Set and Properties
Stacey Murray Set and Properties
David Raulston Costumes
Melony Dodson Accompanist
Hunter Deacon Percussionist
Daniel Shifflett Bass