Mariana Garciagodoy

Mariana Garciagodoy is currently in the graduate choral conducting program at the University of Tennessee, under the tutelage of Dr. Angela Batey. Originally from Mexico City, Mariana demonstrated early in life a passion for dance and music. Her conducting draws on these two passions and shows the ways in which music and movement are interconnected. Mariana studied under Dr. Emilie Amrein at Lake Forest College, IL. There she served as the Assistant Conductor for the Lake Forest College Choirs. Additionally, she works with the Soundcompany children's choir and is the happy director of the Junior group. Mariana is very interested in different cultures, and loves the ways in which music overcomes barriers and brings people together, no matter how different their backgrounds are.

TVP History

West Side Story
South Pacific
Ensign Maria Lynne
Of Thee I Sing
Dance Captain
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