Keeping your picture and bio current

The TVP Player page (potentially) contains both a picture and bio of our current and former participants.

We would like to keep the information current (and also give YOU control over your presentation), so we invite you to provide us with the information that you would like presented.

Without your submitted information, we will include the bio from the last show that you were in (and scrounge for the best picture we can find of you).

Both the picture and the information tends to become dated quickly, so we encourage you to provide us with a current picture and to provide us with biographical information that will “stand the test of time” better than the standard PlayBill bios.  (Even feel free to ask us to link to a site with a more complete view of who you are.)

To submit information, just contact the Webmaster at with the subject line “Bio” and let us know what you would like presented on your behalf.